Your Wedding Videographer

I consider myself quite fortunate. Because I honestly enjoy what I do in this videography business. I still find myself immersing in the wedding joy of every couple, grinning widely with every gatecrash and quietly wishing that I am part of the guests celebrating for the couple in every dinner (Not for the food of course..haha). Somehow, I have a soft spot for weddings.

Videographers are in a tough business. During one of the recent wedding shoot, a photographer covering the same wedding asked me:

“Eric, why do you choose to be a videographer? Don’t you think photography is easier money?” He then continued to list out a few reasons to substantiate his point:

1) Videography equipments are more expensive.
2) The post editing process is much more time consuming.
3) The videographer needs to hold on to a steady position for a prolonged period to document important events.
4) The videographer probably earns lesser on a per man basis. You see teams of 2 -3 videographers covering the same event for a similar $$ a photographer charges.

Unfortunately, in most common scenarios….the above reasons are all true. And I’m sure the list goes on. Is this suppose to be a wakeup call for me, or for the rest of the videographers out there?

I’m sure it isn’t! Like myself, I am certain that the majority of the videographers out there are in this business for the passion. With this undying passion, or maybe with just a simple wish to be part of the couple’s happiness… I’m sure we will all be in this line for a long long time and will continuously strive to capture your beautiful moment on your special day.

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