Cinematic HD videos coming right up!

The videography space has been changing dramatically over the last year. With the introduction of DSLR video cameras that has full HD video capability, it is now possible to shoot stunning wedding videos with the filmic look and cinematic feel. This is achieved by the large sensor in DSLR camera, which is a few times larger than a professional video camera. Throw in a few other professional level equipment and after burning a huge hole in my pocket, viola… it has transformed into a professional Video Rig.

Admittedly, I used to be a sceptic who refused to jump on the bandwagon. My analogy has always been: A video camera should do videos. And a DSLR should take pictures. Just like Police catch thieves and Fireman put out fires. But after getting my hands on a 7D recently, I have never looked back and have further invested heavily in additional supplementary equipment and lens to convert it to a professional video rig.

To all my lovely wedding couples who have confirmed my service for this year and next year, I am pleased to announce that this new upgraded video rig will be an additional feature in your wedding video F.O.C. I’m certain that you will enjoy the end product as much as I do. So watch this space for some updates soon.

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