Why Video?

Having been through my own wedding preparations and actual wedding day, I fully understand the amount of stress, fatigue and excitement, you as a wedding couple, experiences on your big day. Nothing must fail on your big day. You have a fantastic group of brothers and sisters who will ensure that the events of the day run smoothly and according to clockwork precision. But everything happens so fast….. And by the end of the day, you might not remember the details of everything or you might quietly wish that you can have an encore of selected highlights like your vow exchange, your tearing mother, your gatecrashing…etc.

 Too many times I have heard friends and contacts regret that they did not capture their wedding on video. They talk about how they wish they can “replay” certain events again, so as to reminisce on, probably the most important milestone of their life. A picture is worth a thousand words. But a video is probably worth a thousand pictures. Your preparation, makeup, gatecrashes, tea ceremony, happy and touching moments all captured in full details for your future laughs and tears.

In Singapore, the most often feedback I hear from couples is: “It’s too expensive!” or “We don’t have the budget”. And it’s always a pity when you regret not to get a videographer after a few weeks later. My aim is to make videography services AFFORDABLE to most couples and to help you capture and document these memories.

Please do not hesitate to email me at eric.chua@affinityvideography.com for enquiries on the services.